Leaders Merchant Services: What They Include and How They Can Help Your Business

Payment System Must Be Perfect

The contemporary market scenario across the globe is indeed hard-hitting, and customer support is very much essential for all businesses. That said, only by providing the maximum possible assistance to the clients, small and medium businesses will be able to thrive in this competitive market. Here, retaining existing customers is highly significant; besides, businesses must also work for augmenting the customer base by attracting new clients. Both these processes are equally vital as far as the healthy survival of the related business is concerned. One of the base things all customers will wish to have is a speedy and accurate payment system. This arrangement will make their transactions prompt and precise.

Choose a Flawless Payment Method

Considering the above practical facts in the background, businesses will have to have a precise POS system. A POS system is a specifically created network that comprises one center-computer, which will have links to various checkout points that have the support of numerous hardware components such as scanners for barcode, payment terminals, etc. Only by installing such a faultless POS system commercial establishments will be able to make the payment process easy, and this arrangement will be of great help to the customers. A sizable section of present-day consumers uses their debit or credit cards for shopping. Hence, the payment system must be flawless, and only then, the customers will be able to complete the check-out process swiftly and without any problems. Therefore, merchants must take great care and attention in maintaining the preciseness of their payment systems. That said, most of the modern-day commercial establishments depend on the specialized services of credit or debit card processors like Leaders Merchant Services to deal with the details of the customers’ credit or debit cards. However, picking the most appropriate processing system is vital.

Leaders Merchant Services: What They Include and How They Can Help Your Business

It is a must that you, as a vendor, must precisely assess the functionality of the credit and debit card processors. There are some key factors that one will have to consider while selecting a credit card processing agency. These factors will give you a precise idea about the quality of services that you can expect. The points include the swiftness of the transaction, the uptime reputation and track record, the pricing factor, and above all, the customer service.

The Leaders Merchant Services proffer you an unbelievable pricing rate; the rates will be very reasonable and will be approximately in-between 0.15% to 0.49%, which is low when compared to the existing pricing of the competitors. Of course, the pricing depends on the nature of the business and the processing needs. The debit card rate begins at 1.58%, and here also, the rate will vary in sync with the card. There will be a surcharge of 2.39% for reward cards. The interchange plus charges, which will have a markup of minimum percentage, will come in the range of 0.30% to 0.50%. Vendors will have to pay only a nominal monthly charge to the Leaders Merchant Services, and this will be only $5.95/-, and the yearly PCI compliance fee will be $89. In addition to this, there will be a standard minimum charge on transactions, and this comes to $25/.

Furthermore, the vendors will get the appropriate EMV equipment, which is on par with the latest prevailing smart payment standards. This machine will be highly handy for the merchants as the use of various styles of payment cards is prevalent these days. Your clientele will surely appreciate the same day approval, which will reduce their financial tensions considerably. The availability of multiple payment methods will be of great help to your customers. The low price guarantee will be $500/-. Leaders Merchant Services offer various options that involve 3rd party software and hardware agencies. Besides, there will be a plethora of payment terminal choices, and you will be able to pick the most appropriate ones that your local clientele use regularly. Yet another incredible offer from the Leaders Merchant Services is the leeway to choose the specific software and hardware that will go well with your organization system and commercial requirement.

Three Tips to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

There are a number of SEO companies operating in each city alone. With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right agency for your business. Hiring the wrong company can do more harm to your business. So, it is important to do your research before you select an SEO agency. Consider these three tips to choose the best one for your business.

Review their past performance

Successful SEO agencies will be backed by verifiable and specific results. You can easily check their performance by assessing the results they have delivered for their clients. Reputable agencies have nothing to hide. They proudly present such information on their website for the benefit of their prospective clients. You may find case studies on the website with data such as an increase in the percentage of organic traffic for a client along with the percentage of bounce rate and other metrics.

If you don’t find such information on a company’s website then send them an inquiry for the same. Request them for real examples when you first approach them for more information about their business. Also, consider their industry accolades such as awards.

Client testimonials are also great to assess a company’s performance. See to it that the testimonials are presented well with the clients’ names and business mentioned alongside their photographs and statements.

You can search online for local SEO companies by using your location in the keyword. For instance, SEO agency Miami is a good example of a relevant keyword. It will help you jumpstart your research.

Assess the transparency of their business

You wouldn’t want to see your money wasted by hiring an SEO agency that doesn’t really deliver. So, see to it that you don’t focus only on their performance but also on the way they conduct the business. Anyone can write glowing content on the website. But you need to see if they can back what they say.

Check if they offer free SEO analysis. It can be a good starting point to gauge a company’s confidence.

Do they mention the names of their clients on the website? A company that has a solid client base will not hesitate to present this information to their prospective clients.

SEO companies with transparent business practices will grant their clients 24×7 access to real-time results. So, you will be able to check your rankings on various search engines along with traffic statistics. Companies that are assured of producing the desired results for their clients will not hesitate to reveal information about their performance. With access to such data, you can see the company’s performance anytime you want.

Some reputable SEO companies work with only one business in each category and market. They may or may not reveal this information on their website (though businesses with transparent practices are likely to do so). Exclusivity is a good thing to have when you hire an SEO company for the job. It can be a relief to know that the same company is also not working for your competitors.

Reputable SEO companies with transparent practices will never insist on long-term contracts. Yes, it takes time for SEO results to show. But they will still not ask their clients to commit to them for the long term. They charge on a monthly basis. So, it gives you the freedom to terminate their services any time you feel the need to do so. Only companies confident in their performance will offer monthly contracts.

You can also check their business social accounts (if they have any) to know more about their business practices and ethics. Read their business blog to assess their industry knowledge and expertise.

Schedule a meeting

Once you have identified a good SEO company, schedule a meeting with them. It can be an in-person meeting, a video call, or just a telephone conversation. Unless you speak with the company executives, you will not know if they are a good fit for your business.

Ask them to define how they plan to tackle SEO for your business. Gauge their understanding of your business category by asking them relevant questions. Ask them about their fees upfront for the monthly work.

The Pros of Attending a Bio Conference

Biotechnology and pharma companies, research organizations, and educational institutions regularly organize and host bio conferences to create awareness about the latest pharmaceutical research and technological innovations in the industry. It is also to boost business and career opportunities for industry professionals. Whether your business interests are on the national level or the international one, these events can benefit you. Here are some of the pros of attending a bio conference:

You can get better networking opportunities

Along with executives from leading biopharma companies, experienced pharma engineers, bioengineers, chemical engineers, and other industry professionals attend bio conferences. By being there, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet with these people and interact with them for business purposes. That may help you will expanding your scope on the national and international level, and bring you new business and partnership opportunities in both emerging and established markets.

You will also learn about the legal and financial rules and regulations you need to comply with as well about conducting business transactions.

You can get increased visibility for your brand

Before attending a bio conference, it will be a good idea to get in touch with the organizers and inquire about available promotional opportunities. If you have the professional expertise, you may be able to take on speaking engagements and appear on panel discussions. That can help with increasing your brand visibility in the biopharma industry and make more people aware of your business knowledge, expertise, and products. By generating interest in your company, you may be able to attract new investors and collaborators and gain a stronger foothold in emerging markets.

You can get more career opportunities

Whether you decide to attend a bio conference as a delegate or a sponsor, it can bring you a range of professional benefits. First of all, you will get networking opportunities with the leading biotechnology and pharma experts who will be speaking or making presentations at the event. You can also participate in the workshops they conduct and participate in the one-on-one sessions and panel discussions with them. Such interactions can lead to new career opportunities and promising partnerships.

You can get relevant business tips and make more business pitches

By attending bio conferences, you will be able to meet with various industry professionals and get valuable tips on how to navigate business issues and find new work opportunities to remain employed in the long term. If you are a newcomer to the industry, you will particularly appreciate such knowledge. You will also learn how to attract the attention of possible investors and collaborators with brief and effective business pitches. Additionally, you can arrange one-on-one business meetings with industry leaders and discuss your upcoming projects with them. Such interactions can make a significant difference in your career.

You can get the latest information about current and upcoming pharmaceutical research

To remain relevant in the industry, you must keep up with innovative biotechnologies that are enriching and revolutionizing the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. At a bio conference, you will be able to learn a lot about the development and manufacture of various pharmaceutical drugs from plant and animal materials, about stem cell research, and how the advantages of gene/cell therapy. By attending keynote speeches and panel discussions, you can also find out about the latest developments in medical drugs, medical devices, and nanotechnology.

You can get honest feedback about your business

Through your interactions and discussions with biopharma executives and investors, you may be able to get honest and useful feedback regarding your business. You can find out in which areas you need to make improvements and the strategies you can adopt to make more of a marketing impact in the industry. You can then make the necessary tweaks to improve your business for long-term success.

As you see, there are some definite pros to attending a bio conference. You will be able to gain new clients nationally or internationally and out-license your pharmaceutical products. Additionally, with the latest pharmaceutical and healthcare knowledge that you will get at these events, you will be able to help save lives and improve public health with effective medications to combat health conditions like autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Why is VoIP Good for Small Business?

Due to increasing competition, running a business, and keeping it profitable is a difficult thing for many small business owners. Communication costs are one of the major chunks of business everyday expenses. If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient communication system, VoIP is the answer. Here we tell you reasons for selecting the best VoIP for small business is a good idea.

Lower Costs Per Call

Savings is one of the primary reasons why you should opt for a VoIP for small businesses. A VoIP communication system exclusively uses your Internet connection. Hence the costs per call are significantly lower.

Since most DSL plans do not have a cap on the data, the DSL monthly bill would not increase even if you use make thousand VoIP calls every month. Due to lower cost per call, using a VoIP communication system can save your small business hundreds of dollars every month on telephone bills.

Lower Setup costs

On average, a PBX system costs around $800 to $1000 per user, while a KSU-less system costs around $100 to $250 per phone. A simple business phone line would cost around $40 while a PRI line could cost your business around $450 per month. On the other hand, a DSL line with high-speed Internet costs around $85 per month.

If you are using a cloud-based VoIP service, it would cost around $19.95 a month, which is still lower. For cloud-based VoIP, you don’t need a PBX system as it is hosted in the cloud and its costs are included in the plan.

Service Mobility

Mobility is a big issue with traditional phone systems. The providers offer a phone number and a physical telephone connection to use the services. In case of moving your office to a different location, you would be required to transfer the connection to new premises, which can be a time-consuming process and affect your business continuity.

On the other hand, VoIP phone systems are cloud-based, and all you need is a high-speed Internet connection. The IP phone can be easily carried to the new premises and you can start using them after the Internet connection is made available.

Versatile Features

When you select the best VoIP for small business, you enjoy a wide range of advanced communication features at affordable prices. The reason the service provides offers different plans with a variety of features to meet your business needs. You can also ask the VoIP service provider to offer a customized plan that offers maximum value to your small business.

Some of the advanced features offered by VoIP vendors are forwarding calls and messages, call queuing, and call recording, auto-attendant, and voicemail. These features increase the productivity of the workforce.

Simple Conference Calls

VoIP makes conference calls an easy task. Since VoIP calls use converged data network in place of traditional phone lines, making and participating in conference calls become easier.

 If you use a traditional phone system to make conference calls, you have to pay extra to the service provider. In a VoIP system, the conference calling feature is an integral part of it, and you don’t have to pay extra money to host or participate in conference calls.


The reliability of the communication system is an important aspect of small businesses. If the communication system breaks down, it could mean losing prospective customers.  There is no doubt the Internet connection can go down anytime and affect your VoIP communication system. However, the call forwarding feature in the VoIP system can save the day for you.

Increased Productivity

VoIP systems can be integrated with your CRM application. This will give you a holistic view of all customer interactions, purchases, and complaints on one screen. This will empower the customer service representative to understand the customer concern or requirement quickly and offer the right solution in the shortest time possible.

With VoIP and CRM integration, the customer service agent does not have to access multiple systems to get the required data. Such integration is difficult with a traditional phone system which leads to reduced productivity.

These are some of the benefits of selecting the best VoIP for small businesses. So how do you choose the right service for you?


Twitter Marketing Service – An Essential Part of Today’s Business

Twitter marketing service has become an essential part of today’s business. While you are implementing social media strategy, never forget to include twitter marketing in your advertising campaign. Twitter has more than 310 million users every month and has become one of the favorite social media networks from where people can get chunks of news consumption. Moreover, out of these users, more than 83% are active on mobile. Similar to Facebook, 49% of the Twitter users follow brands. This network helps you to interact with people and other brands. Every second, thousands of Tweets are sent and you will find more than 130,000 active advertisers on this network. You can learn about products and services via Twitter. Over 41% of the Twitter users provide options about products and services on this network and 19% choose customer support. If you choose Twitter, you will get an ideal blend of professional, informative and entertainment value. Now, how will you implement Twitter marketing for your business? Let’s check out in this regard top three twitter marketing strategies:

  • Fix your objectives – First and foremost, you must fix your objectives. What do you want to achieve with 140 characters? Identify your target audience and think about what twitter success means to you as well as your brand. Weigh up these considerations before seeking Twitter marketing service. You may have your own way of creating and reaching objectives. However, your twitter marketing goal should be clear, measurable, realistic, applicable and well-timed. For instance, you must define clearly that you will create a hashtag contest on Twitter for enhancing your brand awareness. Next, your goal should be measurable means that you must have the aim of increasing your reach by 90 followers every week and provide a response to all the queries within 24 hours on Twitter. Your objective should be realistic means you will set a target of growing your Twitter followers by 30 per week for the next 3 months. Applicable means you will make use of Twitter for positioning your brand in a relevant way that will help to grow your online community. In addition, your objective should be well-timed, which means that you will set the target of having 10 interactions every day of the third quarter. If you can fix these objectives in this manner, you can focus your marketing efforts clearly and take the right steps to achieve them.
  • Pay heed to social media and engage – You should know the significance of social listening as a social media marketer. This social listening is the way to find out and evaluate what is being said about a brand, business, topic or person on the social media channel like Twitter. Try to pay heed to what your Twitter community is talking about and whether it is directly or indirectly mentioning your brand name. Find out the topics they are interested in and the content they like. Moreover, it is important to see the groups that the Twitter community is getting engaged with. You should never forget to consider these factors while taking part in social media listening. If you want to make use of social listening on Twitter, monitor your brand name as well as your competitors. You must pay attention to industry buzzwords, brand slogans, name of your CEO or company representatives, campaign names and more. If you want to make the most of social listening efforts on Twitter, make use of helpful tools like Twitter Advanced Search, Social Mention, Hootsuite, TweetReach, ViralHeat and more. All these tools will help to guide you to Social Media Listening for your Business. Twitter Advanced Search helps to narrow down your search result on the basis of negative and positive sentiments, explore significant hashtags and generate more leads. Social Mention has the power to monitor several sources and help you to easily track and measure what people are talking about your company or product across the social media in real-time. Hootsuite helps to set up streams that let you monitor conversations and keywords, but respond to someone else on your team. TweetReach provides basic listening and helps you to monitor Tweets pertaining to your brand and industry conversations. You can also use ViralHeat to listen to conversations around your product across social media networks and recognize the trends to drive insights around social media performance.

Gauge your success – It is also important that you measure your Twitter marketing result. This helps to gauge your success and check out the type of content your community is getting engaged with. It highlights the areas where you can stop spending your resources. Use Twitter Analytics to understand how the content you have shared on Twitter is actually helping you to grow your business. This helps you to get an overview of how your Tweets are performing, who is getting engaged and at what point of time, how many influencers are present in your network and what are the metrics for individual Tweets. Moreover, you can track the activity of your followers over time and can find out their interests, demographics and more. You can use Hootsuite’s analytics tools to create social reports, tag & track messages to analyze content, volume & sentiment and measure internal metrics to track performance of your team.

Follow these twitter marketing strategies and grow up your business. Besides, you can hire one of the best twitter marketing service providers to enhance your visibility on social media.