Social Media Marketing – How It Can Benefit Your Business

Chinese social media platforms are very different from the rest of the world. In the west, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook take over the social media marketing world, but when it comes to China, these platforms have been blocked out solid. So, when you have experience using social media marketing techniques in the west with your brand, you are guaranteed trying the same in China would be a waste of time.

Social media marketing in China is a lot more sophisticated because the social media platforms that they use are a lot more sophisticated. They use WeChat, Youku, Weibo, Douyin, and Little Red Book- all great social media platforms to promote your brand and reach your target audience, by the way. Each platform has a unique set of functions: whether it’s offering reviews or sharing short videos to keep up the relatability factor, social media marketing in China ( has a lot to offer, as long as you use the right tools to go about it.

Social Media Marketing in China: All About Increasing Visibility

Whatever brand you’re promoting with the desired product or service, you need to ensure your brand is visible on the right platform and reaches the right customer. For this, you must get yourself accustomed to the social media marketing scene in China and become known to the right circles (for the right reasons).

Pro Tip: If you’re a foreign company looking for a way into the gigantic Chinese marketplace, keep in mind that hiring a digital marketing agency as a third party would be your best shot at tapping into the market effortlessly. This has nothing to do with your level of expertise with digital marketing, always remember that social media marketing in China is a whole other scene in itself and arrogance will get you nowhere!

What Would a Social Media Marketing Agency in China Do?

For starters, they would come up with strategies to help improve your visibility to the Chinese customers. By providing you with the right tools your brand needs to mingle with the Chinese audience, the digital agency would take care of your brand’s needs while being sensitive to their culture, technical, and socio-economic clauses. This is especially important in China because you cannot afford to offend them or their culture.

They will further help you create social media marketing campaigns that puts your brand in the right place while building opportunities for continuous engagement, and in the end, returns (which is what every business wants). Once you’re at the right place, you will become a known figure to the public eye and you’ll have bagged the respect of your target audience, making you a sure win. This leads to referral marketing gains!

Pro Tip: Always keep in mind that the Chinese marketplace is a unique one. This country values recommendations and personal networks on a great level that further leads to seamless market penetration and sales!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in China

If you use the right tools and leverage Chinese social media the right way to increase brand visibility, you will see the following results in the end:

• Building a favorable reputation for your brand in the public eye and promoting brand awareness, something that usually takes years of hustling and trying to gain the respect and trust of your target audience. With the power of social media, you can now do this a lot faster.

• Creating trust, engagement, and a proper relationship with the Chinese customer by grabbing their attention with captivating content, things they can relate to, perhaps some discounts they cannot refuse and the involvement of pictures, videos, gifs, etc. to improve relatability.

• Drive traffic to your Chinese website, which was the goal all along! Now that they have heard a lot about your brand, they’re finally clicking on your website and checking it out to find out more about the services or products you sell!

• Generating conversions and sales, which ultimately translates into “you found your way into the Chinese marketplace successfully”!

• Building brand loyalty and improving customer service! Now that you’ve found your way into the hearts of the Chinese customer, you have to find a way to set camp- for good! Keep coming up with updated content on your website, drive up the relatability factor, keep it interesting at all times, and make sure they treat your brand with loyalty in return!