Weibo marketing: Why use Weibo?

Digital Marketing is Vital

In the contemporary period, marketing methods have changed significantly, and digital marketing has become indispensable. That said, the traditional ways of marketing have become almost obsolete, albeit many companies do the same in chorus with online marketing. However, merely by resorting to conventional marketing ways, businesses will not be able to enjoy a healthy survival these days. A fitting online presence is of great importance, and this online portal must be easily accessible, and this is all the more true as far as small and medium companies are concerned. Hence, businesses must hire the professional services of an experienced SEO company for related digital marketing tasks.

Weibo Marketing – Best for Digital Marketing in China

That said, in some countries like China, digital marketing methods are considerably different from the other parts of the globe. SEO managers make use of typically different methods here to attract the maximum possible organic and inorganic traffic to the website. As regards the second category (inorganic traffic), they use the effectiveness of the various social media sites like WeChat and Weibo. In China, these are the main microblogging sites, and hence, businesses should invest some of their time, effort, and money for doing the promotional works through such platforms. Weibo marketing ( is one such marketing method by which companies can earn more traffic to their sites.

Weibo Marketing: Why use Weibo?

Weibo marketing is a very effective promotional method in China, and practically, all companies that decide to float their products and services here opt for this method. The digital marketing methods in China vary to a great extent from the other countries in the world. Because of this, companies will have to adopt a different type of strategy as regards the online marketing arena. For drafting appropriate strategic plans and for able execution of the same, companies will have to look for the professional expertise of practiced digital marketing companies, which have comprehensive knowledge regarding the procedures that prevail here. In this country, Google and the other major search engines are secondary as far as the online activities are concerned. The country has specific search engines and microblogging platforms, and almost the entire population has faith in these online tools. Chinese people accept these tools and judge the authenticity of the products and services offered for sale, precisely in sync with the recommendation and reference given by these search engines and microblogging sites.

Weibo is an active microblogging site where you can find a precise cross-section of the related social groups that comprise different consumer segments. By opting for marketing through Weibo, it is possible to spread your company’s brand name all across the different customer segments of China. As Weibo is a much preferred social site, the brand name will reach the hearts of the Chinese people. This practically means that there will be an enhancement in the site traffic and consequent sales revenue.

The approximate monthly active users come to 13 million, and the notable significant fact is that almost 90% of the Weibo traffic is from mobile phones. This probability practically means that people use Weibo even on the go, and there is all possibility that your ad campaign will generate positive upshots. In a day, there is an average of 2 billion video views on Weibo, and this speaks about the grand success of placing short video clips describing your products or services. Besides, when you consider the average number of posts in Weibo, it is approximately 64,000. All these facts point out that when you opt for Weibo marketing, then for sure, you will be able to augment your sales and thereby the revenue. 

Find a Competent SEO Agency

The professional assistance of an experienced SEO company is essential for making your Weibo marketing successful. You must find out a company that has hands-on experience in the arena of digital marketing in China; this is imperative. The SEO manager must be thorough as regards the algorithms of the major search engines and the top social media sites. It’s rather easy to find such an agency. You can search through the internet; however, you must check and compare the expertise and the pricing of different options available before selecting one.