What Can a Life Cycle Marketing Agency Do for Your Business?

For too long, companies have been relying on outdated methods to capture and capitalize on leads and customers. In fact, many of the tactics that are given to businesses to help with their marketing are based on ideas that pre-date the internet itself, and that hardly account for how much our society has changed. There are, however, modern marketing agencies focused on new ways of thinking. They’re often called a lifecycle marketing agency and they’re helping businesses succeed now and into the future.

A lifecycle marketing agency is one that uses lifecycle marketing to better target customers and help businesses generate new leads and capitalize on their success. But what is lifecycle marketing and why is it seeing such success? We break it down for you here.

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

When people ask about a lifecycle marketing agency, their first question is often the most obvious: what exactly is lifecycle marketing? This particular style of marketing is a goodwill generating concept focused on delivering content and incentives to your target demographics in the ways that they love. So instead of trying to get people to come to your infrastructure, you reach out to them in places that they already are. This is all done with the purpose of converting them not simply into customers, but into brand ambassadors.

Why is lifecycle marketing different from your typical sales funnel? It’s a more fluid model compared to the traditional sales funnel, and it’s one that’s better adapted to the modern sales journey. While the sales funnel has been a useful analogy, it’s also largely outdated, and has been since the internet became a household utility. Lifecycle marketing, especially when implemented with the help of a lifecycle marketing agency, is much better suited to today’s tech-savvy customers.

The Three Major Stages of Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing has a number of advantages compared to the traditional sales funnel. It’s arranged a little differently. In this form, it is actually three stages, each of which have clear goals and processes. Unlike a sales funnel, these stages are not consecutive. In fact, many leads will bounce around these different stages as they become more aware of your brand, products, and options. Many companies that use lifecycle marketing will craft a plan in conjunction with a lifecycle marketing agency to ensure that the plan works. Here is a breakdown of each step.

Stage 1: Collect

In the collect phase, a lifecycle marketing agency will break down the profiles of all your target demographics. Not just with their likes and dislikes, but also where they are on the internet, how they best receive information, and what forms of advertising they prefer. In this phase, the focus is on collecting leads and demographic information simultaneously.

Much of the collect phase is developing content plans that will drive customers to your site or your storefront. This can be through eye-catching articles, e-books, white papers, or other relevant materials. The right lifecycle marketing agency will help you create the right plan for your company and industry.

Stage 2: Convert

Conversion is all about relationship development, one that relies on a steady stream of relevant material for anyone who’s found you. This stage is crucial for tone and brand identity, something that a lifecycle marketing agency can help you refine. In this phase, you will start to see more leads warm up to and begin a fruitful relationship with your company. But that first sale is not the end. In fact, it’s basically the beginning.

Stage 3: Create

In the create phase, you will begin turning your converts into ambassadors. This can be done in any number of ways, be it promotions, additional lead generation, or even incentivizing spreading the news of your company. With the right lifecycle marketing agency helping, you will be able to develop these relationships into something that works far past the first sale. After all, an ambassador for your company will give you invaluable word-of-mouth marketing that you simply cannot buy.

What makes a Lifecycle Marketing Agency Different?

Since lifecycle marketing is so focused on meeting potential customers and leads where they are, a lifecycle marketing agency is actually specialized in audience knowledge. They create and maintain incredibly detailed and relevant profiles of your demographics to help you reach new levels of success.

If you are tired of the old ways of marketing and want to see success in the modern world, then you will need a new marketing strategy. For that, you will need a lifecycle marketing agency to help you break out of old habits, meet new leads where they are, and convert customers into your next brand ambassadors.