Why is Baidu Advertising Essential for Businesses in China?

China is one of the biggest markets for western and local companies. Besides being the most populous country, it also has a high Internet penetration rate. According to Statista, last year, China became the country with the largest number of Internet users (854 million). This means Internet marketing can be a good channel to reach Chinese consumers. Here we try to understand why Baidu advertising (adstochina.westwin.com/baidu-advertising) is essential for business in China.

Interesting Facts About Baidu

  • Baidu is the largest search engine in China with more than 70% engine market share. According to the latest stats, around 90% of online searches in China are done from Baidu. This amounts to more than billion searches in a month.
  • Baidu has around 1.1 billion mobile users. Its DuerOS voice assistant generated .37 billion voice queries per month.
  • Baidu does not recognize the English language. You need to have a website in the Mandarin language to rank on Baidu.

Baidu Is the Best Advertising Platform in China

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other Internet marketing channels don’t work in China. Baidu’s reach and its popularity in the Chinese audience make it the best advertising platform in China. Compared to other digital marketing platforms in China, Baidu is developing fast. It has brought many innovative technologies that can help advertisers achieve more conversions.

Baidu has an index of 750 million web pages.  It is not only a search engine platform, but it also offers data storage, Maps, music streaming services, and pay-per-click ads for businesses in China.

Different Types of Advertising Options on Baidu

Baidu advertising is not limited to pay-per-click ads. The search engine also offers in-feed ads and search ads.

In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are more appropriate for businesses that are new in China. These ads are blended with organic content. this makes in-feed ads look more natural. It also encourages users to click and read the content.

Baidu’s in-feed ads are known for accurate targeting. These ads can help you reach potential customers through Baidu searches, targeting interests, and keywords. In-feed ads are affordable than search ads and their reach is massive.

Search Ads

Search ads are appropriate for businesses that have some brand awareness in China market. Businesses need to have medium to high advertising budgets in search ads. Baidu’s search ads platform is also known as Baidu Tuigang. It is a pay-per-click advertising platform that shares some similarities with Google Ads.

Baidu search ads enable businesses to display their ads on the search results page of the Baidu search engine. One of the advantages of Baidu’s paid ads is these paid ads also appear on websites that are part of Baidu Union.

Baidu’s Advertising Tools

Once your business is done through the application process, you can start using the Baidu advertising platform to its advantage. The search engine platform offers several tools that allow you to choose the way you want to target customers. It also allows you to choose which ads you want to run. Baidu even offers tools to track your Ads’ performance.

Baidu Zhishu

It is an index that is relatively easy to use. Baidu Zhishu analyzes behavioral data of the users and gives you insights into the volumes of specific keywords. It shows you search trends, data by region, historical data, and host of other useful information to make your advertising campaign more effective.

Baidu Keyword Planner

If you are planning to invest in paid ads, the Baidu keyword planner would be of great help. It shows the volume of search for a particular keyword in a specific period. This allows you to determine how much you need to bid on a specific keyword.

Baidu Analytics

If you are launching a marketing campaign, you would want to know its impact. Baidu Analytics can show you how many people are visiting your website. It will also show when they are visiting and how they are visiting. This information can be useful when targeting potential customers with advertisements.

Baidu analytics also helps you learn about performing and non-performing elements of your marketing campaign. It lets you know which advertisements are driving traffic to your website.

So when do you plan to start with Baidu advertising?